NCWA National Championships

NCWA National Championships

The Men's Wrestling Team competed in the 2017 NCWA National Championships. They were the highest ranked Penn State School and they finished 17th overall in Division 1.

Junior Michael Perdomo , weight class 133,was impressive in the bouts. First up, he met Edison Garcia from Central Florida. Perdomo won by a 17-8 major decision. Next, he took on Taylor Swanson from North Texas. Perdomo won again with a 10-8 decision. Perdomo once again took down the competition with a 6-1 decision. But Perdomo fell short before the semifinals against Cole Schreiber from Florida. In the consolation round, Perdomo fought for 7th place, but he ended up taking 8th. Perdomo was chosen for National All-American.

Junior Ethan Kenney, weight class 157, was also impressive at the 2017 National Championships. His first opponent was Christopher Fraser from Maine. Kenney won with a 0:21 fall. Next up, Kenney faced Ricky Bacon from Ohio State. Kenney won with a 9-4 decision. Kenney then headed to the quarterfinals where he defeated Matt Yuste with a 3-2 decision. Kenney just fell short in the semifinals where he lost to Parker Simington from Air Force Prep. Simington won with a 4:24 fall. In the consolation round, Kenney won against Matt Yuste again with a 5-2 decision. Kenney ended up taking 5th place. Kenney was also chosen for National All-American.

Freshman John Fedorek, weight class 125, forfeit his game against Tyler Bridge from Henry Ford.

Freshman Lucas Baranski, weight class 133, lost to Maripo Gasarabaga from Richland with a 0:21 fall.

Junior Pedro Tavarez, weight class 149, faced Matt Mawby from RPI. Tavarez won with a 4-1 decision. Tavarez lost the next round to Dylan Dwyer with a 4:13 fall.

And to finish off, Freshman Josh Godzin, weight class 184, lost to Jerry Dougherty from Dixie State with a 1:49 fall.

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