Fayette Takes 3rd at Apprentice Invitational

Fayette Takes 3rd at Apprentice Invitational

Newport News, Virginia - The Fayette wrestling team traveled to compete in the 37th Annual Builder Invitation on Sunday, January 22nd. Although, our strong wrestlers were not distracted by the long travel to Virginia and still made a statement competing against 10 teams. Penn State Fayette finished in 3rd place overall while four individuals also placed in their weight class. The results for the team and individuals are below.

Team Scores:

  1. Ferrum                                     162.0
  2. Apprentice School                   148.5
  3. Penn State Fayette                    69.5
  4. Hampden-Sydney College         68.0
  5. James Madison University         65.5
  6. Liberty                                       47.5
  7. ECU                                           31.0
  8. Bridgewater College                  13.5
  9. Penn State DuBois                       9.0

10.  William and Mary College             5.0

141 Results
1st Place - Justin Zimmerman of Ferrum
2nd Place - Austin Smith of Ferrum
3rd Place - Tristan Mabe of Apprentice School
4th Place - Michael Perdomo of Penn State-Fayette
5th Place - William Speight of Apprentice School
6th Place - Wesley Hollingsworth of ECU
1st Place Match
Justin Zimmerman (Ferrum) 4-0, . over Austin Smith (Ferrum) 16-5, . (Dec 9-2).
3rd Place Match
Tristan Mabe (Apprentice School) 20-8, Fr. over Michael Perdomo (Penn State-Fayette) 5-7, . (Fall 3:58).

149 Results
1st Place - Caleb Corbett of Hampden-Sydney College
2nd Place - Amir Harper of Ferrum
3rd Place - Jeremy Mosely of Apprentice School
4th Place - Jeffrey Driscoll of Apprentice School
5th Place - Pedro Tavarez of Penn State-Fayette
6th Place - Cole Dillard of Ferrum
1st Place Match
Caleb Corbett (Hampden-Sydney College) 4-0, Fr. over Amir Harper (Ferrum) 10-7, . (Dec 9-2).
3rd Place Match
Jeremy Mosely (Apprentice School) 4-1, Fr. over Jeffrey Driscoll (Apprentice School) 3-2, So. (Dec 8-4).

184 Results
1st Place - Brian Sakalas of James Madison University
2nd Place - Josh Godzin of Penn State-Fayette
3rd Place - Josh McIlhenny of Liberty
4th Place - Jordan beck of Hampden-Sydney College
5th Place - Justin Trey Harrell of ECU
6th Place - Josh Powers of Bridgewater College
1st Place Match
Brian Sakalas (James Madison University) 4-0, Fr. over Josh Godzin (Penn State-Fayette) 3-3, . (MD 16-7).
3rd Place Match
Josh McIlhenny (Liberty) 10-8, So. over Jordan Beck (Hampden-Sydney College) 3-2, . (Dec 9-6).

235 Results
1st Place - Zach Sintobin of Apprentice School
2nd Place - Sean Kerr of ECU
3rd Place - Cameron McAfee of Ferrum
4th Place - Cody Maurin of Penn State-Fayette
5th Place - Elijah Doyle of Bridgewater College
6th Place - Ryan Murray of William and Mary College
1st Place Match
Zach Sintobin (Apprentice School) 13-8, Fr. over Sean Kerr (ECU) 3-2, Jr. (Dec 7-1).
3rd Place Match
Cameron McAfee (Ferrum) 4-1, over Cody Maurin (Penn State-Fayette) 3-2, . (MD 10-2).

285 Results
1st Place - Nathan Spinetti of Penn State-Fayette
2nd Place - Carlos Leyva of Ferrum
3rd Place - Steven Francisco of Apprentice School
4th Place - Shakeem Lassiter of Apprentice School
5th Place - Timothy Hudson of ECU
6th Place - Bryce Hanley of PSU-DuBois
1st Place Match
Nathan Spinetti (Penn State-Fayette) 11-2, .over Carlos Leyva (Ferrum) 13-5, . (Dec 3-1).
3rd Place Match
Steven Francisco (Apprentice School) 14-7, So. over Shakeem Lassiter (Apprentice School) 4-2, Jr. (Dec 5-4).


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