Lady Roaring Lions Just Fall Short to Brandywine in the Quarterfinals

Lady Roaring Lions Just Fall Short to Brandywine in the Quarterfinals

LEMONT FURNACE, PA – Despite the tough battle the Fayette ladies put up the first three quarters, they fell slightly behind in the fourth quarter to lose to Penn State Brandywine in the PSUAC Quarterfinals, 89-75. It was an extremely close game, nearly tied at the end of the half with Brandywine up 35-33. Throughout the entire game the two teams were tied at seven different times and alternated leading the scoreboard a total of ten times.

Finishing out the season on a high note was sophomore Haley Moreland, posting a season high of 25 points, playing nearly every minute of the game. Two other starters, Ally Rudolph (15 points) and Taylor Smith (13 points), also hit double digits. Nine of Rudolph's points were from the three-point line.

Brandywine's starters were also crucial in Wednesday's (Feb 17th) game having four out of five of their starters shooting in the double digits. Lauren Munro, one of her team's leading scorers notched 20 points while also shooting 100% from the free throw line. Cashae Hinton also brought in another 17 points.

It was such an evenly matched game that both teams grabbed 47 overall offensive and defensive rebounds. Both Lyndsey Huhn and Shannon Flament were tied with 9 rebounds apiece for Fayette while on the other side of the court, Jessy Gledhill stood out for Brandywine with 11 rebounds.

The Lady Roaring Lions finished out a strong season with a 10-5 record in the PSUAC, also finishing fourth in their conference for the regular season.