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  1. Were you a member institution of the USCAA prior to the PSUAC schools joining as a
    conference?  YES  NO   If yes, for how many years prior?
   2. Were you in favor of the PSUAC joining of the USCAA?  YES  NO

              2a.  If you were opposed, please explain why  
              2b. Has our opinion changed since becoming a USCAA Member Institution?  
                YES, It's better than I expected
              2c.  Please give more details concerning your answer to Question 2B.
  3. Have you seen the following benefits from USCAA Membership
    (Please check all that apply)
    Enhanced Credibility  Recuiting Ability to Play New Teams
Level Playing Field Opportuinity to Network National Championships/Awards
              3a. Please rank in order from 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest, the importance
                of the benefits listeed in question 3.
                Enhanced Credibility Recuiting Ability to play new teams
Opportuinity to Network National Championships/Awards
Level Playing Field
  4. Were there any unexpected benefits that your instutition has found?  YES   NO
                              4a. If yes, please explain  
  5. Do you feel that the conference is better because of the USCAA experience?
     YES   NO
                          5a. If yes, please explain  
  1. On a scale of 1 to 5, with five being the highest, please rate the level of service you feel
    your institution receives from the USCAA National Office
     1   2   3   4   5
  2. Have you noticed a change in the quality of membership services since the USCAA
    hired full-time staff?
     Yes, it is better   No Change   It has gotten worse
  3. Do you feel that the increase in dues to support the hiring of national office staff
    has been worth the cost?   Yes   No
    Please rate how appropriate you believe membership dues are in relation to the overall
    membership advantages of the USCAA
      Too High   Somewhat High   Appropriate   Too Low


  1. The USCAA Constitution and Bylaws are:
     Very Confusing   Somewhat Confusing  Clear   Very Clear
  2. The USCAA eligibility rules are:
     Very Confusing   Somewhat Confusing   Clear   Very Clear
  3. Do you feel that the differences between USCAA eligibility rules and those of the PSUAC
    place PSUAC schools at a disadvantage when competing with other USCAA schools?
     YES  NO
  4. Are you familiar with the process for proposing changes to the USCAA Constitution and
    Bylaws?   YES   NO
   5.  Have you every presented a proposed change to the constitution and bylaws?
     YES   NO

  1. How many of your school's teams have participated in a USCAA National Championship?
     None   1-5   6-10   11+
  2. How would you describe your teams' experiences at USCAA National Championships
     Excellent   Somewhat Enjoyable   Average
Somewhat Disappointing  Extremely Disappointing
   3. Please list the number of First-Team and Second-Team USCAA All-Americans
          FIRST TEAM MEN   SECOND TEAM MEN        
  4. Has your school had any student-athletes named USCAA All-Academic?
     None   1-5   6-10   11-15   16 or more
  5. Have any of your student-atheltes been named National Player of the Week?
     YES   NO

  1. Do you believe the PSUAC should remain a member of the USCAA?
     YES    NO
 If the PSUAC was to no longer require member instutions to be members of the USCAA
    would your school remain as an independent member of the USCAA?   YES   NO
  3. If your school would no longer be USCAA member, would you consider other national
    organizations? YES  NO
    If so, which would you consider?
     NCAA    NAIA
  4. Have you been satified with your USCAA Experience?
     Very Satisfied   Somewhat Satisfied 
Somewhat Unsatisfied   Totally Unsatisfied

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